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Questions that are most often asked:

Q - Once I’m registered and I’ve purchased my membership package, how do I sign in to take a class?
A - There are two (2) ways you can sign up to attend classes:
  1. At the top of this page, click Current Clients Sign In. Use the calendar to select what days and classes you want to attend, and then click SIGN UP.  You will then be directed to the Mindbody™ log in page. (Note: If you do not have class credits on your account, you will be redirected to select a package.)
  2. You can also download our Mindbody™ Connect App on your Droid or iPhone.  Available in the App Store or Play Store on your smart phone.
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Q - Do I NEED to sign up for classes?
A - Yes! Class sign up is mandatory. You must sign up before 11 p.m. for all A.M./morning classes and 2 hours prior for all afternoon/evening classes.
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Q - What happens if the class I want is full? Can I or will I be put on a notify/wait list?
A - Yes! Just go through the steps to sign in as you normally would. You will automatically be added to the wait list and notified by email if a spot cancellation occurs.  Others on the list will also receive a notice, so be sure you are signed in to class either through the Busy Body website or in the through the Mindbody™ App.
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Q - What happens if I don't come to class and don't cancel my reserved spot?
A - We realize that things occur from time to time that prevent you from coming to class. However, our classes are specialized and personalized, so we plan classes, equipment, and staff by the number of reserved spots for each class. So if you do not cancel, someone else on the wait list will not get a chance to work out for that class time. Because of that, all NO SHOWS are subject to a penalty of the cost of a single session ($15).
Please respect each other's time and effort to sign in or cancel your class reservations.  

(Note*: If you are an 8-Session Member or a 12-Session Member, you will essentially forfeit one of your class sessions if you do not cancel two (2) hours prior to your class or the night before for all morning classes).
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Q - Is childcare available?
A - Professional childcare is not available. However, we do have a small lounge area for children to do homework, work on their tablets and/or cell phones while you workout.
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Q - What do I need to bring to class with me?
A - The most important thing you can bring with you is a positive attitude.  However, some "tangibles" items you will need to bring include:

•    A towel
•    A small mat (optional)
•    A bottle of water

When it comes to dress, it's vitally important to wear the following:

•    Comfortable running/cross training shoes (that provide good arch support)
•    Comfortable clothing (easy to workout in and allows you maximum mobility)
•    Dress for the heat (allowing your skin to breathe, but keep it modest and tasteful)
•    Dress for the cold (during the winter, think layers - also hat, gloves, and thick socks)
•    Hair bands, clips, ball cap or visor (to keep your hair up and out of the way)

It's also important you come to boot camp already hydrated.  Therefore, try to start drinking water a couple of hours prior to class.
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Q - Is this an indoor or outdoor class?
A - Both. We are not a gym, so as weather permits, we will exercise indoors and outdoors, but never under extreme conditions.
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Q - Can I bring a friend to class with me?
A - Yes. Friends and family are welcomed and encouraged to attend. Just have them sign up for our 1-Week Free Trial.
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Q - My question isn't answered here, how do I get in touch with you?
A - If you have any additional questions, please feel free to submit it through the form above or call us at 423.665.BUSY (2879).
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