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B.U.S.Y Body Fitness in the News

Chattanooga Free Press, Wednesday, May 13, 2009
Boot camp gets busy with summer workouts
by Rebecca Miller

Tonya Ransom, owner of B.U.S.Y Body Fitness, begins her four-week B.U.S.Y Body Boot Camp series this week at Coolidge Park to help residents get into shape.  

"It's Better Understanding of a Stronger You," said Ransom, a certified personal trainer and Chattanooga police sergeant. "We focus on offering lifestyle changes for people who feel they are too busy to get healthy.  As busy as we are we can accomplish more if we are spiritually, physically and emotionally fit."

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Chattanooga Free Press, Monday, June 15, 2009
Ransom gets busy with fitness classes
by Jennifer Bardoner

Just in time to get in shape for summer, BUSY Body Fitness will start a round of classes june 22 with certified personal trainer and Chattanooga Police Department recruiter Sgt. Tonya Ransom.

"You're going to be fit, fine and fabulous, no ifs ands or buts," said Harrison resident Ransom. "Instead of saying "going to lose weight," we say 'getting rid of weight.' Losing means you can find it again."

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Chattanooga Times Free Press, Wednesday, February 23, 2011
Ransom gets B.U.S.Y. tightening up health business
By Hannah Campbell

Ooltewah resident Tonya Ransom is cooking up more ways to help people lose weight. A former sergeant for the Chattanooga Police Department, she has gotten up in the morning to help busy women find a way to squeeze in that vital daily workout since founding B.U.S.Y. Body Fitness in 2009. She is now folding her Antoinette’s (Your Way) Catering into the mix.

Antoinette’s is elegant food with a Southern flair, she said.

“You’re going to get it like Grandma fixed it,” she said, but Ransom does it without the fried chicken or bacon drippings, and with creamy pasta and vegetable dishes garnished with other colorful vegetables like carrots and tomatoes.

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Hamilton County Herald, Thursday, March 24, 2011
B.U.S.Y. Body Boot Camp whipping Chattanoogans into shape

Tonya Ransom wants your body. But just for 28 days. She says you’ll feel great when she’s done.

Ransom is the creator of B.U.S.Y. Body Boot Camp, an innovative four-week fitness program in which she takes the workouts to where her clients are.

“I take people who don’t know what to do, and I ask them to commit to me for 28 days. Then, just like in the military, I act as their drill sergeant. By the end, they should be able to hear me in their heads,” she says, laughing.

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Chattanooga Times Free Press, Thursday, May 19th, 2011
Exercise releases stress-fighting hormones
By Holly Leber

Tonya Ransom knows about stress. The creator of Busy Bodies fitness is a single mother and business owner.

“I have all the challenges — feeling like I don’t have enough time, trying to raise an 8-year-old, cooking dinner, grocery shopping. All the same challenges my clients have, I experience those,” she said.

To alleviate her stress and increase her energy level, Ransom turns to exercise.

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